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Pre-purchase RV Inspections
RVSurvey Inspection Report Contents
The RVSurvey Inspection Checklist is designed to inspect all components of your RV.  Here is a general description of
the main sections included in the RVSurvey Report.  This description does not identify all the components covered by
the RVSurvey RV Inspection.
Section 1 - Body Condition and Appearance
This section looks at the general condition and appearance of the RV body and all associated components to
examine for repairs, defects, damage, missing components and components working status.  This includes all
body components and the roof, looking for problem areas where repairs were made or need to be made,
delamination or separation of the body skin.  This includes looking at the roof, an often missed part of the buyer's  
inspection, to make sure that all components are present and in working condition.
Section 2 - Interior Condition and Appearance
This section looks at the general condition and appearance of the interior of the RV to examine for repairs, amount of
wear, missing components and damage to any of the interior structure or components.  This includes interior walls,
flooring, roof, furnishings, cabinets, drawers, window hardware, electrical outlets, plumbing and fixtures.
Section 3 - Appliance Condition and Appearance
This section looks at the appliances furnished with the RV to determine their working condition and appearance. This
includes the more expensive components to repair like the refrigerator, cooking surface, oven, microwave, TV, VCR,
air conditioner, furnace, hot water heater, water pump, etc.  The focus in this part of the inspection is to make sure
all of these components are in operating order and to identify those components needing repair, maintenance or
Section 4 - Chassis Condition and Appearance
This section looks at the structural condition of the chassis and associated components for signs of excessive wear,
damage, leaks and missing or failing components.
Section 5 - Running Gear (Motorhome)
This section applies to the motorhome drive components looking for damage, worn, missing components or needed
repairs or maintenance.  This includes engine, transmission, tires and drive related components.
Section 6 - Other Components
This section looks at the basic components of the RV not covered in other sections.  This includes inspecting the
external electrical supply components, waste storage components, fresh water supply, awning condition and other
components of the RV to check for proper installation, wear, defects and operating condition.
Section 7 - Test Drive (Motorhome)
This section applies to the motorhome Test Drive.  The section includes a checklist for preparation for the test drive
and what to do during the test drive to check for defects or problems.
Section 8 - Maintenance
This section looks at the maintenance status of the RV and identifies areas where maintenance is recommended.
Section 9 - Inspection Preparation
This section describes tools needed to conduct the inspection and information for the seller to prepare the RV for your
Section 10 - Price Comparison
This section describes how and where to look for information to compare prices of similar RV's so that you will be
better informed regarding current market value of your selected RV.  A key component of effective negotiation for the
purchase transaction.
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