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RVSurvey Inspector Network
RVSurvey is building a nationwide affiliated network of qualified RV inspectors.  You can
be part of the network by qualifying as an inspector to conduct RV inspections in your
area using our detailed inspection guide.  You will have access to the RVSurvey
inspection checklist to thoroughly inspect a buyer's selected motorhome or travel trailer.
You will receive referrals from RVSurvey when a buyer requests an inspection in your
area.  You will provide a valuable service to buyers that want expert assistance when
making their purchase decision.

Our Objective
RVSurvey affiliated inspectors will provide the best, unbiased inspection of a motorhome
or travel trailer for their customers. Our affiliated inspectors will follow the RVSurvey
inspection checklist and perform all the tests and observations defined in the checklist.  
We will aim to improve our inspection methods and the quality of our inspection reports
through feedback from the inspector network and our customers.  We want our customers
to be able to read the RVSurvey inspection report and say that everything we report is
detailed, accurate, true and valuable.  

Inspector Qualifications
Inspectors must be able to demonstrate a level of RV expertise that qualifies them to
perform RV inspections.  Our preference is for qualified owner's and technicians who have
experience with travel trailers and motorhomes. You will have done most of the
maintenance on the RVs and are able to troubleshoot most problems, even if you do not
make repairs.  We prefer inspectors who have worked in the RV industry as certified
technicians.  Inspectors will have the needed test equipment to conduct inspections,
access to a computer with required software, a printer, email account and have a digital

Customer Satisfaction
Referred customers will be asked to complete a Satisfaction Survey following an
RVSurvey inspection. The customer will rate the accuracy, quality and completeness of
the inspection provided by the RVSurvey affiliated inspector.  Inspectors will be required to
maintain a satisfaction level of at least 4 on a scale of 5 as the highest rating.  

Want more information?
If you are interested in becoming an affiliated RVSurvey inspector, contact us at
info@rvsurvey.com.  We will send additional information about our qualifications to be a
nationwide affiliated RVSurvey inspector.
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